Frequently Asked Questions

Can I login with multiple accounts on my phone?
No, you can only login with one account on your device.
I’m unable to login even after providing my email address.
That shouldn’t be happening. Please send us an email about the issue at
How to Install?
Click on the download app button. The installation doesn’t take a lot of time and is simple. Once you open the apk file, your phone will ask for permission. Click ‘allow’ on all permission requests and install the app on to your phone. We promise you our game is safe and secure!
I am from Andhra Pradesh / Assam / Odisha / Sikkim / Meghalaya / Nagaland / Arunachal Pradesh / Telangana and am unable to play paid games. Why am I only allowed to play free games?
The laws pertaining to skill games in these states differ from the rest of India where any person above 18 years can play paid games on our app.
Why can I only see Ludo Dhani on the app? Other game formats are not visible for me.
We are in the process of unlocking new game formats on the app for our users in a phased manner. You shall soon be able to enjoy new game formats on the app.
Can I actually win money on your app?
Yes. You can win actual cash and can instantly withdraw it using various simple payment methods like bank transfer and UPI.
How does a real money game work?
Players add money to their wallets and choose the tournament they would like to play. Once the tournament has enough people, the game begins. There are multiple formats to choose from based on a person’s interest and risk appetite. Every game has a prize pot which gets distributed at the end of the game based on the format one chooses to play.
What are the different tournament formats?
We have multiple tournament formats in each of our games. We have free, 1vs1 battle, 1 winner format, 2 winners format, and 3 winner formats. In 1vs1 format, you play against a single user and there is only one winner. In 1 Winner, 2 Winner, and 3 Winner formats, there are 3 or more players but the prize is split between 1, 2, and 3 players respectively.
I had a poor internet connection during the match and I couldn’t finish playing the game. Will I get a refund?
No, unfortunately, leaving a game due to any reason is considered a disqualification. An unstable internet connection too can lead to disqualification. In this case, a refund is not issued.
What if there is a tie in the game?
The payout is split in case of a tie.
I can’t seem to find the game I joined. What do I do?
You can try to scroll across the Tournament page and look for ‘Joined’ instead of the entry amount for the game. If you still can’t find it, don’t worry! Just stay inside the app and the game will automatically start as soon as the stipulated timer runs out.
Can I register for a game after it has started?
No, you can only register for a game before it starts.
Who am I playing against?
All our players are verified real players from across the country. You are randomly matched against other players on our app
My clicks don’t register/lag.
This might be due to various issues. One of them is a bad internet connection. Try again with a better internet connection or write to us at if the problem persists.
Can I stop my phone from vibrating when it is my turn to play?
No, you can’t switch off the vibrations as they are used to remind you of your turn during the game.
Do my tokens move automatically?
No, you need to tap the token you want to move.
I was unable to find specific matches. What do I do?
Either you have selected a filter that hides the matches you are looking for, or some matches may not be available at that time
How do I know who won how much?
Once the game ends, you will see a screen with the prize distribution amongst the players. If there was a tie, the prize money will be equally distributed between the players.
How to turn on/off sound and music?
Go to Settings, where you can see toggle options for both music and sound. You can turn on or turn off using the toggle.
  • Each player has 3 tokens at the start of the game. Yes, unlike the traditional game, every player gets 3 tokens each.
  • All tokens are in an open position. So, roll the dice and straight away tap on a token to start playing.
  • Tokens move from 1 to 100 and you earn 1 point for every box moved and 100 extra points for every token that reaches Home.
  • Climb ladders to move up faster and avoid landing on a snake’s head which will bump your token down to the tail.
  • Each player gets the same number of 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s & 6s on their dice, just in a different order. Rolling a 6 doesn’t get you an extra move.
  • You get an extra move in two cases, – when you cut an opponent’s token and also everytime your token reaches Home.
  • You get 18 moves in a 2 player game and 12 moves in a 3 or 4 player game and to play each move, you get 20 seconds. If you fail to move in 20 seconds, your turn gets skipped.
  • Skipping 3 times lands you out of the game.
  • When a token is cut, it returns to the start position and you lose the points made by the respective token.
  • When 2 or more tokens of a player are in the same box, they can’t be cut.
  • Player who scores the highest at the end of the game, wins.
  • In case of a tie, the prize pot is equally distributed among the players.
  • The game has a limited number of moves so make sure you plan each of your moves very carefully.
When do I get an extra move in Snakes & Ladders Plus?
You get an extra move everytime one of your tokens reach ‘Home’. You also get an extra move when you cut an opponent’s token.
Will I get an extra move after rolling a 6?
No. Rolling a 6 on the dice will not give you an extra move.
What’s +100 that I see when a token reaches home?
In Snakes and Ladders Plus, you get 100 points every time you take your token ‘Home’.
Can I play the regular Snakes and Ladder format in the app?
No, you can only play the format available. There are other games too which you can explore on the app.
Is there any foul if the Striker is pocketed?
No, there is no foul in case the Striker is pocketed.
Will I get an extra move after pocketing the token?
No. Pocketing any token will not give you an extra move.
Out of all the tokens on the board, are there any specific ones which I can pot?
You can pot any of the 19 tokens available on the board.
How do I maximize my score?
Pocket higher value tokens to maximize your score. These will be highlighted in every turn.
What is the actual time per move?
Each move must be played within 30 seconds after which time from the extra timebank will be used.
Can I land out of the game anytime?
Yes, exhausting additional 30 seconds timebank will land the player out of the game.
Will both the players get a fair chance in the game?
Yes, to ensure fair gameplay for both the players, Tokens will be scattered across the board via a default move. Thus, no player will have to break the cluster of tokens thereby eliminating the relative advantage or disadvantage.
Can I play the regular Carrom Ninja format in the app?
No, you can only play the format available. There are other games too which you can explore on the app.
What is a ‘Wallet’?
Wallet is the icon you see below your name along with an amount. Clicking on it will take you to the ‘My Wallet’ page which has details like your Added Amount, Winnings, Bonus and Transaction History.
Is it safe to add money to the wallet?
Yes, adding money to your wallet is absolutely safe. We have partnerships with the best in the industry who ensure the money transactions are smooth and safe. You can add money using UPI, net banking, wallets, credit cards and debit cards.
I am not able to withdraw my Bonus Cash. Why?
Bonus Cash is not withdrawable. A portion of your bonus cash along with your deposits is used for tournament registrations.
How do I deposit money into my wallet?
Depositing money into your wallet is very easy and safe. Here are the steps: Tap on your wallet > Click “Add” to deposit amount > Enter amount > Add play money > Complete transaction.
Can I withdraw the money I deposited into my wallet?
No, the amount that you deposit in your wallet can only be used to play games. You can withdraw your Winnings anytime you like.
How can I withdraw money?
You can withdraw money from your Winnings. Your account should have at least a balance of ₹60 to make a withdrawal.
What are the options for withdrawing my winnings?
Currently, there are two withdrawal modes: Net banking and UPI. Both of the options offer safe and secure withdrawals.
I want to deposit money into my wallet. What are the payment modes available?
You can use UPI, netbanking, wallets, credit card and debit card to deposit your money into your wallet. It is 100% safe and secure!
I am not able to use my coupon code. Can you help?
Please recheck the coupon code or try selecting a coupon code from an available list of coupon codes. You can find all available coupon codes in the coupon section. You can swipe on the coupons to see which one you want to use. Click ‘Apply’ to check if your coupon is applicable. If not, adjust the amount or choose a different coupon.
Where can I find details of my previous transactions?
You can check your entire transaction history on the ‘My Wallet’ screen. Click on the “tournament history” section on the wallet screen to see all the transactions. Your transaction history will show you all information related to Added Amount, Withdrawals, Entry fees, Refunds, Cashbacks, and Winnings.
I’m getting “Error in Payment. Please Retry”.
Please check your wallet. If the necessary amount hasn’t been added to your deposits, email us at
Where will the cashback be deposited?
Your cashback will be added to your Added Amount. If it’s a bonus cashback, the cashback amount will be deposited into your Bonus.
I’m unable to find my preferred mode of payment. What are the other options I have?
We support all major payment providers. If you find your preferred payment mode missing, please email us at and we would be happy to explore additional payment modes.
Are my card details safe with your app?
Yes, we ensure your card details and any other personal information are 100% secure and never shared with a third party.
How do I receive a refund?
If you had registered for a tournament but could not get a table, the charged amount will be credited automatically to your deposit.
How to add a UPI account?
To add your UPI account, you have to follow a few simple steps.
  • Click on the wallet icon
  • On the ‘My Wallet’ page, click on ‘Withdraw’ button
  • Now you will see two options; Bank & UPI. Click on ‘Add’ button against the UPI option.
  • Enter your UPI id in the space provided and click on ‘Proceed’.
Where to check cashback offers?
We always have cashback offers live on our app! You can check out the cashback offers while adding money to your wallet. Once you are on the ‘Add Money’ page, you can view all the cashback coupons available by swiping on them. Once you have decided which cashback coupon to use, just click on ‘Apply’ and the coupon will automatically be applied.
Can I withdraw the entire wallet balance?
No, you can only withdraw the ‘Winnings’, that is the money you won by playing games on our app.
How to add my bank account?
To add your bank account, you have to follow a few simple steps.
  • Click on the wallet icon
  • On the ‘My Wallet’ page, click on ‘Withdraw’ button
  • Now you will see two options; Bank & UPI. Click on ‘Add’ button against the Bank option.
  • Enter your account details in the space provided and click on ‘Proceed’ to add your bank.
How long does it take to receive the referral amount?
It’s done instantly as soon as your friend joins and performs the actions mentioned in the referral policy at the time of being referred by you. In case your referral is delayed by more than a few minutes, email us here
What are your referral terms and policy?
Check our referral policy from Settings > Refer & Earn.
How many users can I refer?
Please check our referral policy from Settings > Refer & Earn to know more about referral terms and conditions
On applying the referral code, I’m getting ‘Invalid Referral Code’.
Please ask your friend to recheck the code. If your problem persists, email us here
Is it safe for my friends to download the apk shared on Whatsapp?
Yes, it’s totally safe to download and install the apk.
Do I get the referral bonus if my friend only installs the app?
To get the referral bonus, your friend must perform the actions as mentioned on the referring and earn screen at the time you referred your friend.
My friend signed up using my referral code/link but I haven’t received any amount?
To get the referral bonus, your friend must perform the actions as mentioned on the referring and earn screen at the time you referred your friend. If your problem persists, please write to us at and mention your friend’s phone number or email address linked to their account.
How to use referral code?
Redeeming a referral code can be done by using the referral link shared by a friend. While signing up, apply the referral code to get your referral bonus.
How to refer friends?
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ icon
  • In the ‘Settings’ page, click on ‘Refer & Earn’
  • Click on either the Whatsapp button or the Share button to select a mode to share.
How to get a referral bonus?
You will be awarded a referral bonus in your wallet as soon as your friend to perform the actions mentioned on refer & earn screen.
Can I add a display picture?
Yes, you can add a display picture by going to the ‘My Profile’ section and clicking on the icon above your name. Now, you can either add a photo from your phone gallery or even take a picture. To edit an existing photo, follow the same steps and add a different picture.
Can I use any image?
We recommend you use your own picture as a profile avatar. Your image should not contain nudity or otherwise offensive content.
Can I change my email ID or phone number associated with my account?
No, currently, it is not possible to change email ID or phone number.
Can I play from a territory outside India?
No, our games are as of now only for the residents of India barring Assam, Orissa, Telangana, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, and Nagaland.
My account was blocked, what can I do?
In case your account was blocked, you can raise a support request on
Can I play games on your app if I am under 18?
No, you need to be 18 or older to play the games on our platform.
Who is not allowed to play games?
Anyone under the age of 18 cannot play our games. If you are from Andhra Pradesh/ Assam/ Odisha/ Sikkim/ Nagaland/ Telangana/ Arunachal Pradesh/ Meghalaya, you cannot play our games as skill game laws pertaining to these states are different from the rest of the country.
How to contact the HelpDesk?
You can use the HelpDesk to ask us any questions or raise any issue with us.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ page and click on ‘Helpdesk’ option
  • Here you can raise an issue by clicking on the ‘Create Ticket’ button or the ‘New Ticket’ button.
  • On this screen, you can choose any specific issue from the drop down menu.
  • Once selected, you need to write down details of the issue you are facing.
  • You can click on the attachment icon to attach any screenshots you might have.
  • Click ‘Submit’ to register the issue with us.
  • On the main screen of Helpdesk, you can see all the open tickets you have raised and also the closed ones.